Prague: The Highlights

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Following my recent trip to the Czech capital I thought I would take the time to share with you a few of my personal highlights. Did I see everything in Prague, no. That would be quite impossible. I took in all of the recommended sights and these are what came out on top for me personally. Will it be a bit obvious, perhaps, but I plan on doing a post on things to avoid too, so look out for that. But onto what I would recommend doing.

First of all, I would highly recommend a trip to Prague castle. While it is most definitely a tourist trap, it also has so much to offer. St Vitus' Cathedral lies within the castle complex and is quite simply stunning. From it's Gothic exterior to the intricate stained glass windows inside, it's a sight not to be missed. If churches aren't your thing, head up there for the viewpoint at the beginning. Peer over the walls to capture panoramic views of the city below; all for free. You can thank me later. 

While my next thing isn't traditional, or Czech, they're too delicious not to include. Trdelník (Trdlo) are sweet treats made from rolled dough which is wrapped around a stick; cooked over coal and then covered in a sugar and walnut mixture. You will find these all over Prague but it is sadly true that not all Trdlo are made equal. If you're looking for something simple and tasty try a cinnamon sugar variant but otherwise head to Good Food in the Old Town for a more gourmet take on this tourist favourite.

The Charles Bridge is somewhat synonymous with Prague. It's infamous for a reason and while busy, it's definitely worth a leisurely stroll across. Along the short walk you'll find an array of buskers, ample photo opportunities and endless spots to stop and take it all in. For views onto the bridge or just a quieter trip out of the Old Town, you'll be pleased to know there are two bridges sitting either side of the Charles Bridge. The one to the left brings you right into the heart of Kampa Park and on the right side you'll find yourself appropriately placed to start exploring the Castle. There's less than 1km between each of them so pick whichever suits your vibe and enjoy. 

Sticking with more well known tourist spots, the Old Town Square is definitely worth a mention. While it may be the busiest spot in all of Prague, it's simply a must see. Here lies the world renowned Astronomical clock as well as the Church of Our Lady before Tÿn: two more things to tick off your Czech bucket list. If you're all about the perfect picture, make sure you're up before the rest of your fellow visitors. Head to the square at Midday and you'll honestly struggle to wade through the thousands of people; never mind getting that insta-worthy shot. Hello tall stranger in every single image. Sights aside, you can shop; eat; drink and have a well deserved rest here too. When in doubt, it sort of draws you in as a place to go. 

It wouldn't be a highlights post if I didn't mention the food. Traditional Czech cuisine is delicious and there's honestly something for everyone. The only thing you might struggle with is deciding where to eat. I obviously can't tell you where the best place in all of the city is but here's what came out on top for me: U Budovce. A quick google search suggests that this place is a pizzeria: ignore that. Having been there twice I can tell you that I didn't see anything remotely Italian on the menu, just traditional Czech cuisine. This place is cosy; affordable and serves damn delicious meals. Their Goulash is rich and hearty and their dumplings are lighter than air: what more could you possibly want? A tip for those of you who are visiting and what help whittling things down: if you see anything western on the menu - skip it. Having western elements to their menus marks them as catering to tourists. As a result these aren't places locals would frequent, so if you're looking for a true taste of Prague, keep looking. 

Overall, I enjoyed Prague. It's a beautiful place with plenty going for it but I just didn't love it like other places I've visited. Will I be back: sure, just not anytime in the near future. In the spirit of keeping this post largely positive, I'll keep my reasons for another post. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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