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Times change, and it would seem that my makeup bag has too (it's been a while I know). I've spent a good while shopping my stash and working out what I do like and don't like. With that, there's been a lack of consistency with regards to what's on my face. I mean if I walked you through all the products I revisited in a week, we'd be here for days. No one wants to read that, trust me. After experimenting with lots of looks, here's what's stuck for the past two months or so. 

Base wise, you'll see that nothing has changed really. It's still a Becca Backlight Priming Filter (£32) and tinted moisturiser combination. I'm still working my way through the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (£30) and I do like it, but I'm curious to see what else is out there. If you haven't tried it, it's wears beautifully and the shade range is brilliant. As for the Becca Primer, it goes without saying that this product will probably be in my makeup bag forever. The only product that I think could sway me otherwise would be the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (£30) in the Radiance finish. That primer is equally as phenomenal and the packaging is a touch easier to work with. I'll keep you posted; though thinking about it has me itching to add it to my basket immediately. 

Unsurprisingly, my pick of mascara hasn't changed either. I still very much enjoy using L'Oréal's Lash Paradise Mascara (£11.99). I'll admit that I've not really tried anything else, but when your current tube is that good, there really isn't a need. With that being said though, I believe today is the day that Glossier are launching or announcing their very own mascara, so watch this space. 

Speaking of Glossier though, you might have noticed that my beloved Boy Brow (£14) is missing from the mix. I still love it, but given the Reddit love for this next product, I had to branch out for a hot minute. Essence's budget friendly 'Make Me Brow' (£2.50) has been lauded in online forums for being a great dupe for both Boy Brow and Gimme Brow; so into my makeup bag it went. I paid €3 for my tube in Prague, which is peanuts compared to Glossier's heftier £14 price tag. So, how is it? While I wouldn't say it's a formula dupe, the Essence Gel is fantastic for the price. It holds my brows in place all day (minus the crunch); the colour is perfect for me (Glossier's pulls slightly warm on me) and it's a doddle to apply thanks to its teeny tiny wand. For now, I'm very happy with my cheap as chips brow gel. I may stray back to Glossier at some point, but if you're on a budget I'd highly recommend giving the Essence one a go. 

As my base makeup is fairly light in terms of coverage, it goes without saying that I touch up with Glossier's  Stretch Concealer (£15) where I need it. I've spoken about this one a lot, so I'll spare you all the spiel. For me, it's the perfect concealer and if you like a dewier finish and don't have much to cover, you must give this a try. 

My lipstick is probably one you've heard a lot about too. It's Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade 'Pillow Talk' (£24). I'm not sure that it's part of the permanent collection yet, but it is in stock as I write this, so run! As we're in the softer makeup months at the moment, I've been patting it onto my lips instead of applying straight from the bullet. The result is a natural, dusty rose flush that's pretty and so easy to maintain. I love Charlotte, but this girl has no time to be faffing with lipliners and mirrors at the moment. Sorry.

I know I've literally just mentioned Hoola (£25.50) in a favourites post but I genuinely have been using it every single day with the Zoeva 127 brush (£13) I also mentioned. The slightest amount, when applied just right gives me the perfect amount of bronze. I've hit pan on it (which I've not done on a face product in a long time), so that really says it all. After not getting on with this bronzer for so long, it feels so good to finally understand why the rest of you love it so much. I finally get it guys, I'm with you. It took a while, but we got there.  

When I first bought this Tarte blush (shade is Tipsy), the obsession was real. Despite its immaculate appearance, it was well loved before it got lost in my stash. Now it's back out, I'm reliving those first days all over again. A small pop of this colour on the apples of the cheeks and you just look better. It's borderline magic. Imagine the most beautiful blushing bride and that's what this blush does for your face. I don't think you could ask for anything better really. The only downside is that it's been DISCONTINUED. I wrote that in caps because I just went to find a link for you guys and found that out for myself. Why do they always do this to the products I love. RIP Tipsy. So, dupes anyone? 

Once I'm all done, I simply look like a better version of myself. My features haven't been altered in any way, but the addition of some colour brings a bit of life to my complexion. Heavens knows I need it!

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