As you can probably already tell, I'm Kirstie and this is my little corner of the internet. I set up this website in 2012 while I was studying at University. While a Law degree was what I always thought I wanted, it turned out I loved all things beauty and travel so much more. So while my website began as an escape from my books, it soon became something so much more.

My main goal here is to create content that I think would be useful; whether that be just for myself or for the masses. Either way as long as my readers come away knowing something they didn't already, I'll be happy. 

One thing you will never find on this site is any kind of editing or retouching. I am who I am and my surroundings are what they are. I will never go out of my way to filter or edit anything you see. With me, what you see is truly what you get. 

With that being said, I hope you enjoy my content and keep coming back.